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Technical textiles of glass and other high-performance materials

MDB Texinov is able to knit all kinds of fibres, including glass, which is used very much in the composite sector.

Glass fibre can be integrated into knitted textiles as warp and/or weft to make a grid or unidirectional structure, but the fibre itself can also be knitted to form a 100%glass textile with some very specific properties, such as deformability in particular.

We also use technical fibres such as aramid for different applications (fire barriers, high-temperature resistance, high-strength reinforcement). Dyneema fibres (polyethylene fibre that is up to 15 times stronger than steel) are also employed for high-strength reinforcement.

Other special materials can be used for specific applications, e.g. biopolymers, biodegradable fibres, natural fibres, etc.



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