Texinov - Industriel tit127-2

General industry

MDB Texinov® knitted textiles are used in all kinds of industrial sectors. Recent examples of applications include:

  1. Reinforcement for pastry moulds: a knitted deformable glass textile reinforces industrial pastry moulds to increase their lifetime;
  2. Very lightweight knitted textile for the construction industry, for casting into concrete slabs: its role is to contribute strength while adding very little to the weight of the finished slab;
  3. 3D knit used as facing textile on technical equipment in buildings: the 3D product has one solid face that can be firmly bonded to the support, and an aesthetic face that provides the desired visual effect. In addition the 3D knit is certified ‘M1’ (fire-retardant) on the French fire rating system (the fire rating imposed in the building industry, equivalent to Euroclass B).
  4. Coating support for industrial power transformers: a special glass grid is used as a coating support for the insulators of the transformers. It plays a dual role: reinforcement and support / electrical insulator for the insulating resin.

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