A ‘composite’ material is one that combines at least two discrete materials that, while they do not blend into each other, hold firmly together. A combination of the right materials results in a composite with enhanced qualities (lightness, stiffness, fatigue strength, etc.).

A composite material consists of a ‘matrix’ component (often a plastic) that ensures the cohesion of the structure and conducts forces to the ‘reinforcement’ component. It is in the reinforcement aspect that MDB Texinov® implements its technical-textile solutions.

Using a technical textile in a composite can play several roles:

  1. reinforcing the structure of the composite by improving strength;
  2. contributing highly technical properties such as resistance to high temperatures;
  3. optimizing the lightness of the combination;
  4. promoting cohesion between all the components, with or without additives.

Because of their perfect performance—comparable to homogeneous materials such as steel—and their optimized density, composite materials are used in many applications:

  1. air, sea, rail, and aerospace transport (doors, fuselages, reinforcement, etc.);
  2. sports and leisure activities (boat hulls, skis, bicycles, sports cars, vaulting poles, etc.);
  3. construction.

The very large range of MDB Texinov® technical textiles means entirely appropriate and customized solutions can be found for the issues faced when designing composite materials.


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