Coating consists in covering a base material with a protective layer (a synthetic such as PVC, polyurethane, silicone, etc.) in order to modify its appearance and physical characteristics.

In accordance with the types of applications and coating processes to be used (direct, transfer, on-line, meltcoating, etc.) and the type of application, MDB Texinov® proposes technical textiles made with different fibres (cotton, flax, polyester, aramid, glass, polyamide, etc.). Based on its expertise in materials, the company will propose textiles compatible with the coating required by each customer.

Coating technical textiles meets many functions to satisfy customer requirements: impermeability, insulation, reinforcement, protection, etc. Coated technical textiles can therefore be used for many things, such as curtains (e.g. thermal curtains, truck side curtains), tarpaulins, protective clothing, geogrids, pool liners, vehicle dashboards, mattress protectors, etc.


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